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Home Visit Dentistry

Home Visit Dentistry

If you have difficulty getting to a dental surgery - perhaps you're housebound, you're in a care home, or you suffer from panic attacks, depression or dental anxiety - we can help. Perhaps your teeth are in need of a check-up and it's badly affecting your quality of life.

KindBlue Dental Care can come to you. Our friendly home visit dentist teams have vast experience in helping mobility-challenged people like you.

Our home visit dentistry service was established in 1999 to expressly and exclusively provide dental care for people like you in your own home. Ours is a domiciliary dental service, but we do much more than simply fix teeth. We take away suffering, restore oral health and improve the quality of life.

We can improve your confidence and your quality of life. With well-cared-for teeth and great oral health, you'll feel great, get back your social life and learn to smile once more, with dignity and confidence.

If you want our home dentistry service to come to your house, simply call our customer services on 0845 555 4488 and make a reservation for an appointment.

Our Mission Statement
To give all our patients a satisfying experience.

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Established since 1999.

Convenient, Compassionate
and Dependable.

Providing quality home dentists wherever mobility is a challenge.

You are important.
That's why we care.

Home Visit Dentistry

Mission statement:
To give all our patients
a satisfying experience

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Greater London


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KindBlue Dental Care
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